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Forklift truck training guide

ArticleWednesday 24 April 2013

If you are considering undertaking some forklift truck training, then it is important that you know about the different options that are available to you. The duration and the intensity of your training sessions will vary depending on your experience but they will all leave you qualified with your forklift certification, which will ensure that you are completely qualified to operate a forklift.

This qualification will make you a much more attractive prospect to potential employers, or it can also make increase your prospects within your current job.

When it comes to you deciding to apply for your forklift training and certification, it is vitally important that you know which of the four different categories you will fall into, based on your previous experience and training.

Each of the different training options that are provided have different levels of focus on the theory and the practical sides of operating forklifts.

Here is a brief rundown of the four types of forklift training that are available in the UK.

Refresher training is basically aimed at people who have previously undertaken training and certification, but are required to be brought up to date with any new laws or regulations. This type of training tends to only last one day.

This type of training is for people who have been trained on a certain type of truck recently, and want to start using a different one. It is a bit more detailed than refresher training and can last between one and two days, depending on how many people are doing the course.

This training is for people who are competent on a forklift truck, but have yet to be certified to drive one legally. Depending on the number of people undertaking the training at any one time, this can last between two and three days.

Novice training is for people who have never been on a forklift truck before and have also never been certified. As this course is far more detailed it will last longer than the other types of training. Depending on how many people take part, it can last between three and five days.

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